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Take your trading to the next level and become a VIP member today!  Lade Backk has been teaching many people his style and his methods to try and stay ahead in this market.  His style is unorthodox, his methods are truly one of a kind, but they are tried and tested to improve your skills as a trader.  By becoming a VIP member, you will have the ability to trade alongside Lade Backk and learn first hand what exactly he looks for when finding the stocks that he trades.

He knows how to spot unusual price action in the market and specializes in identifying bottom reversals at the key pivot point.  Lade Backk has consistently called bottoms and tops on many of the hottest runners.  Nailing the bottom is a great way to grab the most ideal entry before news, but knowing when to exit or stay away is just as important.  He navigates the market like a pro.  With an extensive knowledge of pennystocks and OTC (Over The Counter Markets), options, futures, commodities, and his technical analysis, he has you covered.


In addition, you will learn how to properly read and interpret charts while working towards perfecting your entry and exits on your trades.  Join a great community and trade with Lade Backk!