Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the chat?

Lade Backk Trading LLC uses the Discord app for the chat room, available on desktop and mobile. After you sign up, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with further instructions and an invite to the Discord.  Please make sure to reply back to the e-mail with your discord username to complete the setup process.

Is there any commitment?

No commitment, cancel anytime.  

Is this service good for beginners?

It’s recommended to have some basic knowledge of stock trading and options trading prior to signing up. We will do our best to help new traders learn as much as possible, but basic knowledge is expected.

I’m in the discord but I can’t see the VIP section.

Upon signing up, make sure to contact us and provide your Discord username so we can unlock the VIP features for you.  You can simply use the Chat Bot at the bottom of the screen and reply back with your username. Sometimes the drop down menus inside discord can be closed too, so make sure you have them expanded.

What is the WIX app for?

The WIX app is a complimentary feature for all members to easily stay in contact and manage your account on the go. We can respond much quicker and more directly by using the WIX app. 


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