Upgrading To VIP Status

Here’s what you get...

VIP Stock & Options Alerts

Get In On The Action

Stock & Options alerts based on Technical Analysis with a focus on looking for bottom reversals, for proper entry and optimal range on the move, rather than chasing news or following blind options flow and gimmicky dark pool data.  Get in before the stock makes the move without having to chase.

VIP Watchlist with Trade Ideas

Trade Ideas

Highlighted potential trade ideas which include a synopsis and game plan for the trade and what type of move Lade Backk is looking for.  A lot of stocks that he plays have been called the night before, straight from the watchlist.  Start your day off with a game plan.

VIP Bottom Plays

Nail the bounce 

It’s easy to spot a stock that has bottomed out and already started reversing, but by the time you jump in after waiting for confirmation, you already missed a large chunk of the move. Learn how to consistently nail the bottom before confirmation. 

VIP Chat Room

Private Chat Room

During market hours, Lade Backk stays laser-focused on the alerts he makes and the trades he takes so you can easily follow along without all the extra “noise” that you normally experience in public chatrooms.

VIP Mentorship

Personalized Attention

Lade Backk works with everyone in the Discord on a personalized level.  He is easily accessible if and when you have any questions because he truly wants everyone to succeed.

Stock Market Analysis

Trade With Confidence

Insight and opinion on the current market conditions as they constantly change.  Learn how to interpret market news and sentiment.

It’s Not Just About The Alerts....

Learn What To Look For

After trading alongside Lade Backk, you will start to learn exactly what he looks for in the stocks that he trades and the technical setup he uses.  There’s actually a method to the madness, and he explains it in detail.


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