Lade changed how I trade! My best year to date (I mean out of control & not even close to other years) since starting with him a few years ago!!! Guy knows his stuff!

What others are saying

This group is awesome because at least for me, Lade was able to take the anxiety out of the market.  LB constantly shows how to block out distractions and focus on really what is at hand.  Have to give credit that LB demonstrates how to follow a set of guidelines and for newer traders it is helpful imo to see that discipline. I'm Still very new but to see how this group and LB facilitates everything is unreal.  Everyone here has been helpful and its not some pump and dump bs.  You learn legit skills and insights that are priceless here.

I've been here since near the beginning. I mostly lurk and scoop up the plays without posting. My account is up over 300% since I joined



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